Puppet shows

On a string

String puppets on a ring

Duration: 45 mn / Audience : 150 places / All public

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, the circus is in town! Exceptional acts with Pipo the Clown and the Cosacks of the Puszta ! Come marvel at the high-wire artist and thrill at the trapezist !
A ringmaster out of his depth, a very dumb groom, a hyper-motivated young artist and an over-the-top musician present the acts in the ring. In an upbeat and uncluttered environment, our string puppets defy the laws of gravity.
On a String rolls out a series of acrobatic feats and situation comedy straight from the world of traditional circus.


Puppet makers and handlers: Paz Tatay and Marie de Nazelle
Music and sound effects: Christophe Sabatié

Scenery : Paz Tatay, Marie de Nazelle and Eder Feitosa
Clown : Mimi Duuez, Eder Feitosa and Leonor Canales
External view: Eder Feitosa
Costumes : Louise Bloch


Compagnie Pelele – Traditionsverein Hohsteiner Kasper e. V. (Germany) – With aid from DRAC Midi-Pyrénées L’Usinotopie, Marionnet’ic, Le Grand Manitou/Musée-Théâtre-Guignol

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