Puppet shows

Company Pelele is deeply inspired by popular theatre

Using exquisite designs and unbridled energy, our shows transport the spectator into a magical and absurdist world where the puppets are the principal players.
Our aim is to achieve precise manipulation of the puppets, a well-maintained pace and comic tension which is full of surprises and absorbs the attention of the public until the very end.
The music, sound effects and voices are achieved live to augment the unique and exhilarating experience of the shows. We create puppet theatre as encounter, ritual, and catharsis.

The show created in 1992, ‚??Tauromaquia‚?Ě, about love, corrida and death, is payed by the Company yet.
1996 / Le cirque de passage (The Travelling Circus), exhibition of string puppets.
1998 / La Muerte de Don Cristobal (The Death of Don Cristobal) for gloves puppets on the figure of an old Spanish Pulcinella celebrated by Federico Garcia Lorca.
2005 / A la D√©rive (Drifting) carried puppets, shadows, projections and fool‚??s baubles on the theme of clandestine emigration.
2009 / Les Funestes Epousailles de Don Cristobal, The Grievous Marriage of Don Cristobal), second episode in the adventures of the old Spanish Pulcinella.
This show received several prizes :
The Drac d‚??Or for best interpretation, and the Drac d‚??Or for programmers from autonomous regions/Fira de Titelles de Lerida ‚?? Spain ‚?? 2014 - the Luk-Vincent Prize for best show/ Puppetbuskersfestival, Ghent ‚?? Belgium 2013 - Most Original Show / International Puppet Festival Lutke, Ljubljana, Slovenia ‚?? 2010
2015 / Au Bout Du Fil, (On a string) : string puppets on a ring



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