Puppet shows


Curro, lover of the beautiful Andalusian Rosita, is first and foremost a torero. Confronted one day by a wily bull Curro has to use a thousand different ruses in the ring. The fight ends and Curro finds himself with a corpse on his hands that is not all that it seemsâ?¦
Like each and everyone of us, confronted with a problem, Curro tries to find a solution, but unlike everyone else Curro has one particular advantage: he is as stubborn as a mule! Curro will fend off all those who cross his path, but heroes are not invincible, and an unwelcome guest will eventually change the expected course of the story...
Bullfighting absorbs and enchants the spectator in the rhythm of the action, the simplicity of its plot, and above all the black comedy inherent to the tale, creating both a nail-biting and hilarious experience, for all ages...or almost!


Construction et manipulation: Paz Tatay
Musique: Philippe de Truchis
Conception: Pelele



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