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The Pelele Company was created in 1996 in Toulouse by Spanish-born puppeteer Paz Tatay.
Pelele is an international puppet theatre which has performed throughout Europe, Quebec, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.

1996 The Passing Circus (marionettes, vertical control with wires).
1998 The Death of Don Cristobal, based on the Spanish Mr Punch (marionettes, vertical control with wires).
2005 Adrift, based on the theme of clandestine immigration (glove and shadow puppets).
2009 The funereal marriages of Don Cristobal; the second part of the adventures of this traditional Spanish Mr Punch (marionettes, vertical control with wires).

Paz Tatay

of Spanish origin, works the puppet since 1988 and bases the company of puppets Marionetas del Matadero with Luis Montoto; they dedicate themselves to the puppet has thread.
She creates the company Pelele in 1996 in Toulouse.

Marie de Nazelle

works the puppet since 2002. She creates her company " Pil poil au millimètre " in 2007 and joins the Company Pelele in 2009 for the creation of the show " Catastrophic courtship of Don Cristobal ".

Christophe Sabatié

is a musician multi-instrumentalist and works with the Company Pelele since 2007. He conceives the music of the last show, the sound effects to give atmosphere and rhythm. He works also with several musical formations.



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